Heart of Liberation Refuge

In the pine forest of Central Vietnam, there is the noble intention to establish a refuge for all sincere hearts who seek to practice the teachings of the Buddha for liberation…

Join us to cultivate the wholesome and the meritorious

Honour the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha with your own offering of supports

A refuge for sincere hearts seeking to practice the teachings of the Buddha for liberation

Following the Ancient Path of the Buddha 

We open our hearts to investigate the truths learning from the wise. We dedicate our efforts to the practice in order to realize the truth of non-self, liberating our hearts from suffering so that the Dhamma can be shared and offered for the welfare and benefit of all sentient beings…


A refuge for whom?

With sincere wholesome intentions, we offer our humble support to those who are on a noble quest to seek liberation, to practice the Buddha’s teachings, and to realize it by their own direct experience. This includes:

* Well-practiced and dedicated monastics (monks)

* Lay practitioners who come for retreats wishing to learn from the wise 

* Sincere and dedicated supporters who come and make offering to the sons of the Buddha and to further cultivate and develop their deeds of merit

Heart of Liberation

Where the wise come and take refuge

In the pristine nature of Central Highlands, Vietnam

Finding the way to the Heart

Striving for the Heart of Liberation

Seeing the Buddha within!

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Website: chitamgiaithoat.com

Phone: +84 962953876

Email: chitamgiaithoat@gmail.com

For financial support please contact:

Tuệ Đức ( Nguyễn Thị Minh Điệp)

Phone number: +84 384333087

Email: chitamgiaithoat@gmail.com